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Fill out an adoption application before your visit – TTT Adoption App PDF

Check our FB  Page for updates, videos and pictures we don’t always make it in to update the website                                                                     What is our Adoption Process

J/C Name Bwana Dance (out of Bwana Charlie)
Breed OTTB

Sex Gelding
Color: Dark bay
Size: 16.1 hh
Year Foaled 2012
Injury- suspensory
Date arrived late spring 2016
Temperament: 5-6 (1 calm 10 HOT)
Prognosis- pleasure riding/ trail- no jumping or speed games.  He LOVEs to play, loves water and going swimming.  Wants to boss in the herd.
Adoption Fee $500


J/C Name Thinkin Quality ( Exclusive Quality – Thinkinoutofthebox by Outofthebox  )
Breed OTTB
Sex Gelding
Color: Dark bay
Size: 16.2 hh
Year Foaled 2010
Injury- old bow
Date arrived Sept 2017
Temperament: 3 (1 calm 10 HOT)
Prognosis- sound for any discipline other than racing
Adoption Fee $1,000

TQ riding

J/C Name (tattoo not legible)  Barn name Karma
Breed OTTB
Sex Mare
Color: Dark bay
Size: 16 hh
Year Foaled 2000
Injury- none that we are aware of (owner surrender)
Date arrived: June 2017
Temperament: 7 (1 calm 10 HOT)
Prognosis- From what we gather Karma has been a trail horse (not much known)  She is anxious during tacking up and riding and needs someone to bring her back to trusting people on her back.  She is non confident
Adoption Fee $500


J/C Name Pav’s Fantasy Barn Name Ruby 

Breed OTTB
Sex Mare
Color: chestnut
Size: 17hh
Age 5
Injury- fractured ankle (healed)
Date arrived Dec 2015
Prognosis- Great in the arena or on trail- no jumping or speed games  She has competed on the flat and is a dream to ride.  Wanted- Confident rider with soft hands
Ruby bayhead ribbons

Temperament scale 3  (1calm 10 HOT)
1 Word to describe her: ladylike
Vices: None
Adoption Fee $1,000

Vet checks welcome at your expense. She’s simply stunning and has been restarted under saddle. She is doing so well! Check our page for some videos of her recent ride! Adoption fee $1,000
J/C Name Zatara Barn Name: Zatara ( Sky Mesa – Onemiracleatatime, by Gulch )
Breed OTTB
Sex Gelding
Size: 16.2
Color: Chestnut w blaze
Age 5
Injury- old bow that has healed, presents sound for any discipline
Date arrived July 2016
Prognosis- Presents sound for any discipline
Temperament: 3 (1 calm 10 HOT)
One word to describe him- Big Galu (ok two words)
Vices: light cribber
Adoption Fee $1000

Zatara lunge

J/C Name Summation ( In Summation – East Lake Classic, by Orientate )
Breed OTTB
Sex Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Size: 16.2 hh
Year Foaled 2013
Injury- suspensory (healed)
Date arrived June 2016
Prognosis- trails, flat work
Adoption Fee $500


Cash the Giraffe
J/C Dances on the Money
Breed: OTTB
Age 5
Sex Gelding
Size: 16.3hh
Injury Fractured Sesamoid
Date arrived: August 2014
Prognosis: Pasture/ Companion
Temperament 7 (1 calm 10 HOT)
One word to describe: Silly
Vices: Came w a horrible kicking/biting issue ( he was very frightened) that has not presented itself in more than a year
Adoption Fee: $500


Love of Family- ADOPTED
Breed: OTTB
Sex: Gelding
Size 16 hands
Color: Black
Age 3
Injury: None
Date arrived Sept 27th
Prognosis: Sound for any discipline


Love of Family 3 year old OTTB Gelding

Temperament 3 (scale 1 calm 10 hot)
One word to describe: Lovebug
Vices: none
Adoption fee $1,000

Super sweet horse, he only rated a 3 on the temperament scale because he has not been here so long, but he has been here and off the property already, super confident, not herd bound, was great on and off the trailer, carried a young rider around and has shown zero sign of being spooked, having an attitude about anything or bothered by things.  Stood ground tied to be tacked, ok w fly spray, fly mask, not a picky eater, really a joy to be around.  More updates as he is here longer

Diamond– Adopted but now back at the rescue as of Oct 2017
Diamond came back and needs rehab! He will be available for adoption once he is back to good health.  This is his info we had listed originally:

Breed Quarter Horse
Sex: Gelding
Size 15.3-16.0
Color Red Roan
Age: 12
Injury- none
Date Arrived August 2016 (arrived back Oct 2017)
Prognosis: Sound for any discipline
Temperament Scale 8 (1 calm 10 HOT)
1 word to describe: non-confident
Vices: bucking
Adoption Fee $1,000
Diamond track.jpg




J/C Name Extreme Alex
Breed OTTB
Sex Gelding
Size: 15.3hh
Color: Gray Dapple w shades of Brown
Age 4
Injury- Suspensory in June of 2016
Date Arrived July 2016
Prognosis: Has finished his pasture rest and is now ready to start his retraining and slowly start on the trails.  Also suitable for pleasure riding in an arena, no jumping or speed games.
Temperament: 5 (1 calm 10 HOT)
one word to describe him Sassy
Vices: light cribber
Adoption fee: $500
Alex race.jpg


Phoenix is a 7 year old unraced and unridden chestnut gelding with lots of chrome. He came from a breeding barn, his owner died suddenly and they had us pick him up.  At his former home he was worked with , .lunging w saddle and learning how to move and collect but had never actually been ridden.  He is a sweetheart of a horse, we put a bareback pad on and had someone sit on him and just walked him around and he didn’t blink an eye. No big deal.  He is very, very large, approx 1600 pounds of muscle, for his 16.2hh body.  Most common comment is that he doesn’t look like a thoroughbred, more like a quarter horse.  He has beautiful movement, free shoulders and is injury free. he doses have a flipped palate, which is something you want to consult w your vet about before considering him.

Sunny is a 25 year old 14 hand pony, breed unknown.  Very cute, and lots of spunk, good for an experienced child.  Sunny was abandoned out in our area, we got his coggins done, feet trimmed, and started him on a great feeding program. He is flourishing and being ridden by one of our 16 year old volunteers.


Cash picayune.jpg



Lotsamoxie- ADOPTED
Maggie is a 10 y/0 unraced Thoroughbred Mare  she is approx 15.3 and has come to us as an owner surrender.  A granddaughter of Storm Cat, she is FULL of personality .  Sadly,  She was alone and is underweight, when we got her.  Her feet were a mess, she had open wounds and others that had been left untreated.  After 7 months here of rehab, she has made a complete turn around.  She receives weekly massage therapy, has had chiropractic, ground work training and is ready for adoption!  .  She needs an experienced owner that will be kind and gentle.  She gets nervous about things,  and needs someone confident and patient.She is quick to bond, and very, very willing.  Ask the right way and she will give you the moon. Ask the wrong way she responds very poorly.    She does not trailer well.  Adoption fee $1,250  Local home only

J/C Name None Barn Name Sinatra (currently located on a farm in Buckingham)
Breed Quarter Horse
Sex Stud
Color: dark bay
Size: 15hh
Age 5
Injury we don’t know much about this horse
Date arrived April 2017
Prognosis- Sinatra’s owner died and we arranged for him to be picked up, we don’t have much info on him,  At this time he his due for a gelding, which we will pay up to $500 for if done w the Van Roekel Clinic in Alva   We do not believe he has ever been ridden, but is very easy to handle.
Adoption fee $200
dark bay

Transferred to Hope Equine
J/C Name None Barn Name NuggetBreed Quarter Horse
Sex Colt
Color: Sorrel
Size: 14.2hh
Age 2
Injury none that we are aware of
Date arrived April 2017 owner surrender
Prognosis- Nugget’s owner died and we arranged for him to be picked up, we don’t have much info on him,  At this time he his due for a gelding, which we will pay up to $500 for if done w the Van Roekel Clinic in Alva   We do not believe he has ever been ridden. He is rather shy at first, but willing and full of try.
Adoption fee $200- this picture was taken on his former property a week or so after owner died, updated pictures coming…sorrel


  1. Tristan Francar says:

    Hi there, who is the sire/dam on the Astounding Spirit gelding? He’s really a sweet looking guy.

  2. Jeanie Childers says:

    I am interested in Applesauce. Where are you located?

    • He was actually adopted out in early Nov, sorry the web site is not current on the adoptable horses. We currently have a variety of OTTB’s from companion to light riding available, and one horse that is sound, but just started under saddle. We also have one pony, that is 25 years old, that is in foster looking for a home. We are having an open house on Valentines Day if you are interested in meeting the horses. There is an application on this page, you can fill that out and we will keep it on file and let you know when a horse that meets your criteria becomes available

  3. Skylar Bazin says:

    Is phoenix still available?

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