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Education is a big part of what we do!  From offering local educational seminars and clinics, to taking the show on the road.  Cypress and LorenTopics go from nutrition and training to wellness clinics and riding seminars.  Saddle fitting clinics, and fun riding “games” held at our local forest.



Private Lessons

1 one hour private lesson with our instructor, using one of our horses, or yours, at our location



Group Lesson- Adult

A great way to come out and refresh skills. If its been a while since you have ridden or if you want to practice what you have been working with- this is an excellent way to spend some time in the saddle


Group – Beginner

Group Riding Adult Beginner

Horses are so amazing, you have always wanted to ride, but have not yet tried, or it has been a really long time, maybe you rode as a kid. This is a step by step class. Each session is $40 per student. You will learn about grooming, tacking, proper use of reins, aids, how to assess the horse, how to be a good partner to your horse. This is a slow and steady course, building confidence as we go! Currently held Sunday mornings 10-12:30


Kids After School OTTB Camp

Kids come and learn all about horses, from care and feeding, to grooming and stabling, to riding. We meet Mondays 3-6pm Its $50 for the 3 hour session, and ask for a 4 week commitment All proceeds got to help the horses here!



Summer Camp at the Rescue

Total Immersion! A week of education with a super fun slant. Learn all about horses, and taking care of them, plenty of riding, obstacle courses, horse painting, crafts, and an end of week “show” with their horse! All meals and waters included. Hours are between 9-4pm We will FB live at certain points during the day so parents can check in and see their kids doing such amazing things! Dates July 9-13th, and July 30-August 3rd. Hours are 9-4pm – you can pick up as late as 5pm All proceeds go to help the horses here!


Dealing with Difficult Horses

Clinic – Dealing with Difficult Horses

Learn how to handle a difficult horse by starting with the basics. Biting, rearing, kicking, refusing to go forward, striking out, spooking, anxious. This is the first of a series, we will start covering the basics, how far we get will depend upon how many attend and questions or situations we encounter. Adults only, not a kid friendly class Session 2 will build on what we cover in session 1, it is not a repeat of the same information Each session - $30 to attend $10 for current volunteers that work one shift a week. Money goes to buy food and hay and shavings for the horses here.


Emergency Management
Feb. 2017  We organized a meeting with Collier County Domestic Animal Services to discuss an Equine Emergency Management Plan.  Officer Paul presented this topic and I have compiled my notes of his discussion here…

Report a case of neglect
If you are in Collier County, you can call Domestic Animal Services directly at 239-252-PETS or FILE a complaint online
Need to file a complaint anonymously?  Check it out here and see if you meet the requirements

Geld your horse!
Voucher for $100 off a gelding using your vet
Low or no cost clinics for gelding your horse



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