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Education is a big part of what we do!  Compassionate Horse Care and Riding.

How can we enjoy our equine friends while ensuring they are enjoying it as well?    We have been featured by the Naples Daily News, ABC, Fox4, NBC2, WINK and many other local media outlets!

We take in injured racehorses, mainly from Gulfstream Park, but also local horses that are in need when we can.  Thru a huge core volunteer group (100+), we rehabilitate the ex racehorses and look to place them in local homes with loving families.

Something very unique that we do is pair these racehorses w the kids in our programs, to help them transition.  The kids learn all about taking care of them, helping them heal, learning to ride again, and see them come full circle when they adopt out from our program.  The program teaching the kids all about horsemanship skills, but also self-confidence, courage, empathy, and focus, so many life skills.  They learn to really care for others.

You can purchase something for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  All funds go to support our mission of racehorse rehabilitation, retraining,  rehoming and public education.  We are an all volunteer,  501c3 Animal Welfare Organization

Class recommendations for kids- here is a symopsis – to register scroll all the way down to the options for more details w prices and click the Payment button
Child is 7 and older – the after school and Sat camps are a great choice, come once a week, and learn just so much. These are fun, very interactive groups and the parents are literally dragging their kids away when its time to go.  A financial and a time commitment though
Week long summer camp – also a good option, 7 and older total immersion

Child is under 6 

Check out the Mom and Kids (Mom and Me class)  This offers safety and horse education w a short ride.  
Wee Ones Program – super low cost program designed for the little littles.   Really just spending some time w the horses and getting comfortable with them.  An hour long, offered a few times a year

All of our classes are horsemanship classes. While we do ride and teach riding, that is only one component of any of our programs.  They learn from the ground up about so many things.  If you are coming to an event – you can fill in this simple event registration form. If you are attending a class or program (like camp) you need to actually register with payment, scroll down the page until you find your class.  Clicking on the Event in FB does not register you for a class. 


Full Day Camp for kids at at the Rescue- Makes a great gift too! 10am-3pm

All horses all day. Riding grooming, bathing, and learning. Plenty of breaks, and other activities too!
Lunch and snacks provided, children should wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and have a refillable water bottle with them Check w us for dates, it usually corresponds when they have a day off of school for scheduling or holidays!
Current dates Wed Jan 2nd


Kids overnight camping with the horses

Join the great camp out! We start at 3pm, hanging with the horses, helping take care of the horses, some riding, lots of horse kisses! In the evening we will have dinner and a movie, with plenty of pop corn. Settling down into our tents, we will sleep horse girl dreams! Morning, breakfast and horse time, we finish by 10am. Moms are welcome to stay and help or sleep over! This is open to ages 7 and up!


Moms and Kids Class

This is specially for Mom’s and Kids that would like a class together, for the child isn’t yet old enough for our kids classes (that starts at age 7) Its a class for those who just want to have fun, teach their children about horses and spend time with horses and get some ride time. Price is $60 which includes 1 Mom and 1 Child. The class lasts approx 2 hours


Group Lesson- Adult

A great way to come out and refresh skills. If its been a while since you have ridden or if you want to practice what you have been working with- this is an excellent way to spend some time in the saddle. If you have not ridden, then consider the Intro to Horses and Riding classes first, then come back and take a course like this.


Kids After School OTTB Camp

Kids come and learn all about our horses, from care and feeding, to grooming and stabling, to riding. We meet Mondays OR Tuesdays 3-6pm Its $50 for the 3 hour session, and ask for a 4 week commitment All proceeds got to help the horses here! We also have a Sat camp, that generally runs 9-1- check out the link for that below… After you check out, please send us an email and let us know if you wanted the Monday or Tue session. If you want both, just make the quantity (2) and that will give you both days!


Sat kids 7 and up from 9-12

Kids to learn all about horses and ride! Sat from 9-1 – includes care, feeding, turn out, grooming, riding, come spend the day at the barn! Lunch included $50 for the 3 hour schooling session- we ask for a month commitment. Each week builds upon the last. All funds go to help the horses here! Most of the horses the kids work with are ex racehorses! They are sweet and smart and love the kids!


Horses for Homeschoolers

This is a hands on, interactive visit just for homeschoolers! Learn about rehabilitation, rescue, and how we help the horses that come to our facility . Ages 3 and up! $10 per child and this goes towards the care of the horses in recovery or that are waiting for homes! This is offered the second Tuesday of every month This is one of our many programs featured by the Naples Daily News and NBC-2!


The Homeschool Horse Project

This 6 week class is designed specifically for the homeschool student. Students will learn all about horses and rescue. From helping the injured or neglected horse to assessing, training, and riding. Students that complete the course will be issued a certificate of achievement for their role in this groundbreaking project. Cost is $150 per Student. Open to ages 7 and up Each class is approx 2 hours for a total of 6 weeks


Dealing with Difficult Horses

Clinic – Dealing with Difficult Horses

Learn how to handle a difficult horse by starting with the basics. Biting, rearing, kicking, refusing to go forward, striking out, spooking, anxious. This is the first of a series, we will start covering the basics, how far we get will depend upon how many attend and questions or situations we encounter. Adults only, not a kid friendly class Session 2 will build on what we cover in session 1, it is not a repeat of the same information Each session - $30 to attend $10 for current volunteers that work one shift a week. Money goes to buy food and hay and shavings for the horses here.


Summer Camp

Week long camps starting June 10-14th, June 24-28th, July 8-12th, July 22-26th, Possible August Dates, message us if interested in those Times: 10am-3pm Cost:$400 per child. Small Group with lots of individual attention, limited to 6 children total Minimum age is 7 years old We are an all volunteer organization, all funds go to help the horses! Spend a whole week at Pine Ridge Equestrian Center learning about horses and horsemanship. There will be lots of time with the horses Crafts and some educational games in the air conditioned Kids Room the afternoon if it is hot or bad weather. They will go home tired and full of happy horse thoughts!


Horse Communication – What are horses saying?

Come to our beautiful equestrian center in the heart of Pine Ridge Estates for this informative class on effective communication. Learn how horses think, what they think, and how to tell. Learn to assess, read their energy, learn their body language. And also see how they read us! Jen from will be here teaching and guiding you through the process! No prior experience required, this is really a fun way to unwind and let your creative side go! Proceeds go to help the horses waiting for homes. We will have a complimentary selection of wine and snacks and non alcoholic beverages along with some music to help inspire! Cost per participant is $40 and includes all of your supplies and you take your painting home with you!


Ground Work Clinic- adults or kids 14 and up

Excellent clinic for those new to horses or anyone wanting to build a lasting relationship with their horse. Learn how to communicate, evaluate, and set healthy boundaries using compassionate training methods. Practicing ground work can improve a horses performance and make your partnership safer and stronger than ever before. It can also help your everyday tasks go smoother. Its about clear communication and timing. YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR OWN HORSE


Kids after school or Sat Camp

Kids 7 and up come to learn all about horses. From the ground up, this is a horsemanship program. They lean about helping the injured horses heal, retrain them for riding, and learn to assess, communicate, ride, care for, and feed the horses here. Its a wonderful program that promotes self confidence, responsibility, helping each other, and a love for all that is horse. New girls filtering into our program are paired up with a girl who has been here for a while to ensure that they feel comfortable and are immediately part of the group. Your girl can have horse experience, or she can have none. We welcome all! Girls meet the same day each week, the weekday groups are after school til 3pm and the Sat group is 9-noon This is both a time and financial commitment. You prepay at the beginning of each month. Class size is limited to 8.


Kids Camp– Adult Version!

Join us for a day with horses and be a kid again. Learn about ground work, horse personalities and the option to ride.


Kids Camp– Adult Version!

Join us for a day with horses and be a kid again. Learn about ground work, horse personalities and the option to ride.


See a horse that appears to need help? If you are in Collier County, you can call Domestic Animal Services directly at 239-252-PETS or FILE a complaint online Need to file a complaint anonymously?  Check it out here and see if you meet the requirements

Feb. 2017  We organized a meeting with Collier County Domestic Animal Services to discuss an Equine Emergency Management Plan.  Officer Paul presented this topic and I have compiled my notes of his discussion here…

Geld your horse!

Voucher for $100 off a gelding using your vet

Low or no cost clinics for gelding your horse

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