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Education is a big part of what we do!  From offering local educational seminars and clinics, to taking the show on the road.  Topics go from nutrition and training to wellness clinics and riding seminars.  Saddle fitting clinics, and fun riding “games” held at our local forest.

Emergency Management
Feb. 2017  We organized a meeting with Collier County Domestic Animal Services to discuss an Equine Emergency Management Plan.  Officer Paul presented this topic and I have compiled my notes of his discussion here…

Report a case of neglect
If you are in Collier County, you can call Domestic Animal Services directly at 239-252-PETS or FILE a complaint online
Need to file a complaint anonymously?  Check it out here and see if you meet the requirements

Geld your horse!
Voucher for $100 off a gelding using your vet
Low or no cost clinics for gelding your horse



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