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Education is a big part of what we do!  From offering local educational seminars and clinics, to taking the show on the road.  Cypress and LorenTopics go from nutrition and training to wellness clinics and riding seminars.  Saddle fitting clinics, and fun riding “games” held at our local forest.



Introduction to Horses and Riding Oct 7th

Horses are so amazing, you have always wanted to ride, but have not yet tried, or it has been a really long time, maybe you rode as a kid. This is a step by step class. Each session is $40 per student. You will learn about grooming, tacking, proper use of reins, aids, how to assess the horse, how to be a good partner to your horse. This is a slow and steady course, building confidence as we go!



Moms and Kids Class

This is specially for Mom’s and Kids that would like a class together, for the child isn’t yet old enough for our kids classes (that starts at age 7) Its a class for those who just want to have fun, teach their children about horses and spend time with horses and get some ride time. Price is $60 which includes 1 Mom and 1 Child. The class lasts approx 2 hours Sept 9th class is FULL but Sept 30th class is next available!




Group Lesson- Adult

A great way to come out and refresh skills. If its been a while since you have ridden or if you want to practice what you have been working with- this is an excellent way to spend some time in the saddle. If you have not ridden, then consider the Intro to Horses and Riding classes first, then come back and take a course like this. Dates: Thursday Sept 20th 5:30-7:30 Sat Oct 6th 5:30-7:30 Thursday Oct 11th 5:30-7:30




Lunging and Liberty

Learn how to connect with a horse. Using your body language and learning to interpret that of the horse, you can form a strong bond over time with proven techniques that will make your partnership stronger, and you safer in then saddle! This is extremely useful for any kind of riding! We do this with a lead line and also without - so at LIBERTY its an amazing experience! This is an adult class but can be taken by ages 10 and up.




Kids After School OTTB Camp

Kids come and learn all about our horses, from care and feeding, to grooming and stabling, to riding. We meet Mondays OR Tuesdays 3-6pm Its $50 for the 3 hour session, and ask for a 4 week commitment All proceeds got to help the horses here! We also have a Sat camp, that generally runs 9-1- check out the link for that below… After you check out, please send us an email and let us know if you wanted the Monday or Tue session. If you want both, just make the quantity (2) and that will give you both days!




Sat kids 7 and up from 9-1

Kids to learn all about horses and ride! Sat from 9-1 – includes care, feeding, turn out, grooming, riding, come spend the day at the barn! Lunch included $60 for the 4 hour schooling session- we ask for a month commitment. Each week builds upon the last. All funds go to help the horses here! Most of the horses the kids work with are ex racehorses! They are sweet and smart and love the kids!



Black Friday at the Rescue

Skip the shopping! All horses all day. Riding grooming, bathing, and learning. Friday Nov 23rd from 10am-3pm Lunch and snacks provided, children should wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and have a refillable water bottle with them



Horses for Homeschoolers

This is a hands on, interactive visit just for homeschoolers! Learn about rehabilitation, rescue, and how we help the horses that come to our facility . Ages 3 and up! $10 per child and this goes towards the care of the horses in recovery or that are waiting for homes! This is offered approx once a month so just contact us for the next available date!


Dealing with Difficult Horses


Clinic – Dealing with Difficult Horses

Learn how to handle a difficult horse by starting with the basics. Biting, rearing, kicking, refusing to go forward, striking out, spooking, anxious. This is the first of a series, we will start covering the basics, how far we get will depend upon how many attend and questions or situations we encounter. Adults only, not a kid friendly class Session 2 will build on what we cover in session 1, it is not a repeat of the same information Each session - $30 to attend $10 for current volunteers that work one shift a week. Money goes to buy food and hay and shavings for the horses here.


Emergency Management
Feb. 2017  We organized a meeting with Collier County Domestic Animal Services to discuss an Equine Emergency Management Plan.  Officer Paul presented this topic and I have compiled my notes of his discussion here…

Report a case of neglect
If you are in Collier County, you can call Domestic Animal Services directly at 239-252-PETS or FILE a complaint online
Need to file a complaint anonymously?  Check it out here and see if you meet the requirements

Geld your horse!
Voucher for $100 off a gelding using your vet
Low or no cost clinics for gelding your horse



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