Make your next horse an ex race horse!

What we do:We take horses directly from the track, and help them transition to local families in Lee and Collier Counties looking for trail horses or companion horses.  Most of these horses also excel at obstacle courses.  Due to prior injuries, most horses we take in are not suited to barrel racing, jumping, or any type of speed work.

This work is time consuming and expensive but very rewarding to see these athletes go on to second careers with local families that make them part of their families.

In order to adopt a  horse, you must be local, w local references. Check out our Adoption page for more details!

We also do a lot of outreach and educational work.  We occasionally take in other breeds of horses and also help out horses that have been abandoned or starved and are in need of rescue.

You will find a lot of information on our site so please take a look around and contact us w any questions!  Email is